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Automotive Infotainment Services

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

For modern day operators, working in connected industrial automation environments, the usability of the HMI/UI of the systems should resemble the interface of consumer handheld devices.
Such HMI/UI designs not only ensure ease of operation but also deliver desired operational efficiency. Also, these cloud-based HMI frameworks that can be easily deployed across desktop (web), mobile and embedded devices ensure best RoI for your businesses
Our expert team of HMI developers has collaborated with global customers in delivering cloud-based HMI software and plug-in solutions that are Human/Operator centric.
This has helped our customers to:

  • Focus on process training of the operators
  • Reap the benefits of migrating to modern HMI that can be accessed through multiple platforms (web/desktop, mobile, embedded devices)

Bootloader Software Solution for Automotive ECU

Designed by our experienced embedded software developers, this time-tested, stable and ready-to-deploy flash bootloader solution has been successfully integrated into a number of production programs

This Low Memory footprint (both ROM and RAM) bootloader software solution for automotive is compatible with application-level protocols like UDS, J1939 and KWP2000.