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Test Automation

Do you still use manual methods to test your applications? Does your competition test and effect multiple releases in the time you do one? Automating your testing processes will significantly speed up your release cycles. Automated software testing (also called test automation) is very simply put, a process where software tests software. Predefined automation tools run the test suite and return reports on critical outcomes. All this happens with minimal human intervention.
  • Test automation is faster, more precise and allows quicker releases
  • All testing processes (functional, performance, etc) can be automated
  • Test automation efficiency lies in the choice of reusable and scalable testing tools & frameworks
The digital transformation of our modern life means that businesses need to ensure they are at the forefront of the technology to remain competitive. It implies that software development is critical to success and the speed and quality of delivery is also key. To address these requirements, agile methods and DevOps principles are being adopted. This is certainly a good thing, but this drive cannot be addressed without implementing automation in the application lifecycle (ALM). On the testing front, it is now nearly impossible to develop software without any kind of automation. With the fast cadence of agile, you must be able to test your changes very rapidly (. i.e. within two weeks) but also be able to feed that information back to developers as soon as possible (this is what we call a Shift-Left attitude). Done right, test automation is a very cost-effective solution which can be performed at different levels.