RJB Consulting

Application Development

Custom Web Application Development Services

1. Consulting

After understanding the requirements, objectives and the entire ecosystem associated with your business, RJB team builds an innovative roadmap to build your solution along with helping you in reducing technical and market risk. We provide

  • In research and ideation of solutions
  • Provide you with an innovative new solution
  • Validate your vision and concept
  • Explore the right roadmap
  • Choose the right technology
  • Explore a variety of business models, enhancements and maintenance

2. Front-end

While RJB frontend team consider the end users and make it look attractive to the eye. Our focus remains on providing excellent user experience to your end users. We provide web applications that are

  • Visually appealing
  • Simplified user experience
  • Smooth navigation
  • Cross-browser consistency
  • Efficient performance
  • Utilize multiple technologies to deliver the best

3. Backend

RJB backend team closely works with the clients and understands their requirements as well as expectations to develop their desired web application. Our backend development services include

  • Identify and align appropriate development tools according to your requirements
  • Develop scalable and robust back-ends for reliable application
  • A strong architecture that ensures growth at scale
  • An advanced data structure that provides insights
  • We make it trustworthy with accurate security implementations

4. Database

Very experienced and skilful team at RJB helps you create a strong database that smoothens your journey and helps you stay ahead of the curve.

  • Work and enhance your existing database
  • Suggest an appropriate database
  • Assist you with simple integration

5. Quality Assurance

According to the client’s requirements, our QA team aligns the most suited QA methods to ensure excellent performance of your web application. Our offerings include

  • Ensuring an error-free and smoothly working web application
  • Involvement and active participation of the QA experts from the beginning of lifecycle
  • Immediate problem solution to save time
  • Quick improvement of the web application at each stage

Mobile App Development

1. Consulting and Strategy

Our mobility consulting and strategy services help enterprises quickly identify and strategically implement mobility initiatives.

  • Helping SMEs lay out a perfect platform to reap-in maximum ROI
  • Future-ready mobile apps
  • Mobility roadmap and execution
  • Project implementation & management

2. Integration

Mobile app proliferation and rising consumer needs has given birth to an uphill task of Integration. Avail brilliant performance and user experience.

  • Integrating mobile apps with existing enterprise assets
  • Access information and collaborate anytime, anywhere
  • Quick, reliable and ubiquitous support to mobilize your enterprise
  • Mobile integration with ERP, CRM, backend apps
  • App integration with cloud services

3. Application Maintenance

Following paradigm shafts in organizations and assisting them in growth and expansion, we provide dependable Application Maintenance Services. Following a consultative and collaborative approach, we work closely to offer quality services that guarantee minimum downtime and optimum efficiency for your mission-critical applications. Leverage our capabilities to

  • Slash downtime
  • Optimize application performance
  • Reduce application maintenance costs
  • Accelerate release of new applications & features
  • Free up your time & focus on strategic initiatives

4. Application Testing

Application Quality Assurance Services deliver high performance, engaging and rich customer experience and reduce maintenance cost.

  • Comprehensive testing of web, mobile, cloud apps
  • Leverage standard processes, tools, technologies and frameworks
  • Agile, test driven and behaviour driven development methodologies
  • In-depth understanding of end-user scenarios